Real Data for the Real World

Creating customer engagement and differentiating your brand, your products and services is increasingly challenging. Business Intelligence can deliver real cut-through, along with the ability to make incisive decisions that drive business success. Big data is big news. The challenge facing leaders today is to translate big data into real insights that deliver on commercial goals.

A Unique Commercial Resource

Data Ireland has a trusted history in providing market and customer information. We have developed – a software solution that is completely unique in the Irish market place.

Leverages multiple data sets to create a level of granularity and depth of understanding that is unequalled; Is real time, linked to our live database that covers the Republic of Ireland; Has an easy to use interface with a search facility that can access your specific and tailored needs quickly and easily; Can be married with your own customer data delivering an integrated view, combining customer and marketplace information.

Simplifies Your World

Instead of trawling multiple databases and information sources with incompatible unreliable information, you have access to all the data you need at your fingertips; when you want it. strips away the time, effort and complexity of using multiple data sets. When you need to make commercial decisions you want data you can trust.

Drives Effectiveness of Marketing Spend: enables you to create personalized and targeted campaigns that identify specific segments and uses deep and meaningful insights around their needs, wants and habits. Your marketing budget works harder for you speaking directly to only those key customers you want to target.

Precision Location Analysis:’s ability to profile the population of a local area from nationwide, to county, right down to street level enables you to make more informed critical business decisions whether that is where to locate your business or optimising the range of product you stock.

Boost Business Planning:

By pin-pointing and profiling your customers, we can enable you to effectively analyse the market, size your market segments and develop relevant propositions. By knowing where pockets of people are, planning the location of businesses, schools and facilities becomes easier and more transparent. provides a level of planning detail and depth of understanding that is not available anywhere else.

What can do for me?

Financial Services

Insurance companies looking to sell motor insurance can uncover households in a location with a high likelihood to commute, with more than one car in the drive way.

Planning Departments

Departments across government, local authorities and semi state bodies can tap into valuable information relating to infrastructure and societal needs.


When seeking to expand business; whether online or on-street, retailers can easily locate pockets of high potential customers.

Field Management Teams

Making feet-on-the-street campaigns much more effective by geo-locating ideal customer types.

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